Queen of Cats is dedicated to breeding healthy, loving and friendly British Shorthair and Ragdoll kittens.

Breeder Jessica Thorrold has always loved cats and was introduced to the British Shorthair breed as a young girl and instantly fell in love with them. She was given her pet boy Milo five years ago and he hasn’t left her side since. Drawn to their mellow nature, fierce loyalty, beauty and companionship, she adores the breed.

Jessica also loves and breeds Ragdolls. These calm and friendly cats with their soft fluffy coats and beautiful blue eyes are often referred to as cuddly teddy bears. They love company, are very trusting and make the perfect companion.


Our kittens are born and raised on our family farm which is our beautiful country home. They are part of our family and are raised with endless care and love from the moment they are born. From birth we spend a lot of time handling the kittens as we believe when they go to their new homes they are confident and happy. Our kittens are also well socialised with household noises and children. Our kittens are weaned from four weeks old on a combination of a raw diet and biscuit diet. We use Purrform Raw Food and Royal Canin kitten biscuit. 

All Queen of Cats kittens and their queens and studs are registered with the GCCF (The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) OR TICA so you can be assured of the quality of pedigree when buying a kitten from us.

Jessica Thorrold and Ragdoll Queen