Jessica has established the most professional cat breeding establishment I’ve ever seen. Situated on a beautiful farm, the cats are bred in the most premium purpose-built units. The mother cat was healthy, immaculate, clearly loved, and well cared for. The whole experience from being on the waiting list for the birth, all the way through to visits and finally collection day was just amazing. With such frequent photos and updates, we felt like fur parents before we’d even collected him—such a happy, healthy kitten. If only there were regulations so that all breeders were held to this standard, it was reassuring to discover such honest and fantastic breeders do exist! Thank you for our Shadow he’s loved beyond words!

Dr Elizabeth Murray

We picked up our kitten from Jess, Queen of Cats recently and he is honestly the most affectionate, loving and adorable kitten I have ever met, with a beautiful coat, so soft. Jess has been amazing from start to finish and she is always at the end of the phone no matter what question you have. You can tell how much she adores her cats and she has taken such good care of him right up to the end.We can’t thank you enough, and we will see you soon for our second!

Sophie Gooderham

We collected our two kittens from Jess at the start of this week they are the most loving affectionate and playful kittens already and this is thanks to the amazing work that Jess puts in to all her kittens.We recommend Queen of Cats very highly as a business!

Sarah Ackroyd

Jessica obviously loves all her cats and kittens. We brought a beautiful girl ragdoll kitten a few weeks ago…Betty is affectionate, playful…absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful…never stops purring, fearless and a very naughty kitty! which means she has been looked after and loves by Jessica from the second she was born…we were always kept up to date with our Betty from the moment we reserved her…photos and videos..until she was old enough to leave her mum…very impressed with Jessica and her set up.

Janice Crawley

We had such a wonderful experience with Jessica! Once we confirmed with her that we want to adopt Mishka (Ragdoll Kitten), she was providing us updates every week on how the kitten is doing and sending pictures of her. You can see how loving and caring she is towards all her animals and it was very important for us in a breeder! She is also very good at providing all documents, vaccinations etc. extremely organized! Great communication before and after we picked up Mishka, she helped us through some small hiccups and is always helpful if we have any question about kitten care.

Svetlana Novikova

I would like to strongly recommend Queen of Cats to anyone who is thinking of getting a gorgeous very well-cared-for pedigree cat. I collect my beautiful Ragdoll male yesterday, Jessica has remained professional, friendly and so helpful with any queries or worries. Thank you so much.

Ann LeLievre

Bought a beautiful Ragdoll from Jess at Queen of Cats. Stunning kitten, which you could see had been well looked after since his arrival into this world. You can see how much Jess adores all of her cats and this shows in the quality of her breeding. He even came with a little starter pack of info about your cat, a blanket and lots of toys. Thank you!

Kelly Beeston

I have nothing but praise for the experience of buying our lovely Dash from Jessica! She was so helpful, both in sending directions when we got lost driving down there, and even in meeting us halfway there when delivering him during his long journey home. We had a chance to meet both Dash and his mother before we bought him and both seemed cared for and healthy. Dash is a delightful kitten, confident, well socialised and clean. He’d had all his vaccinations and his papers were all in order. Also came with his own blanket, toys, food dish. All in all 10 out of 10!

Valerie Rhodes

We bought our British shorthair boy from Jess/Queen of Cats and what can I say…. A truly amazing kitten! He is so well socialised and behaved, just the perfect cat that just loves to be around everyone. I can’t put in words how happy we are

Jess has a wonderful heart full of love for her cats and a great knowledge about them. She is always on the other end of the phone with advice. The kittens are so well looked after and leave when it is the right time for them. They leave with a lovely kitten pack containing all details about your kitten as well as a personalised blanket and a toy. Jess makes sure we get the best bundle of joy ever! I can’t recommend her/Queen of Cats well enough.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU a million for our beautiful Buddy!


Julia Halina

I highly recommend Jessica/Queen of cats uk !!

Her Cats and kittens are all very well looked after and it’s clear to see they are all very much loved.

She’s a great breeder in the care she provides for her cats as well as their kittens and making sure that their new owner including myself has the full information on their chosen kitten as well as providing them with their own file full of information on the kittens, their background and health care given to the kitten making them ready for their new homes.

We have recently welcomed home our kitten Amber from Jessica and Amber is such a loving, sweet and funny character this shows how much love and attention she was given while being cared for at queen of cats.

Jessica has also been great even after I collected Amber by always responding to my questions or messages and even checking in to see if Amber has settled in.

Needless to say, I’m overjoyed with Amber and I’m even more so pleased that I got her from an amazing breeder, thank you Jessica xx

Courtney Antoshko

Could not recommend enough! Jessica was so lovely and helpful. Kept me well informed of my little kitten from the start with pictures, vet check ups, vaccines etc.

Got to meet the kittens mum and play and stay with them both for a while.

Jessica has so much knowledge and expertise on cats especially British Shorthairs. Felt really comfortable and knew that the kitten is coming from a very good breeder.

The pack the little one came with was so lovely with all the information in one folder of her certificate, pedigree information, microchipping and vaccinations details all in place. So easy to keep and take with me to the vets. Plus other lovely little bits including a blanket that my kitten now loves to play on!

Most of all, all her cats are absolutely gorgeous and so well looked after and loved. The kittens are definitely coming from a good home!!

Thank you!!

Stacey Belding